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One of the requirements for Netflix instant viewing feature is that you have service pack 2 installed on your machine. Sometimes, the user agent string gets altered and it is not reporting as you have service pack 2 installed anymore. Since the instant viewing feature requires you to have service pack 2 install to even download […]

Bittorrent has released a movie, music and games download service using the popular P2P protocal.   You can purchase, rent or in some cases download media for free using any number of popular clients.  One of the plus sides of this service is that you can publish your own content.  On the downside, files are all Windows Media […]

One of the many questions people seem to have about Netflix’s instant viewing feature is about support for other browsers and operating systems.  There may not be a way to view instant viewing on a Mac yet (unless you run parallels  or bootcamp) but there is a way to use instant viewing in firefox.  Technically, […]