Netflix Instant Viewing System Compatibility Error


One of the requirements for Netflix instant viewing feature is that you have service pack 2 installed on your machine. Sometimes, the user agent string gets altered and it is not reporting as you have service pack 2 installed anymore. Since the instant viewing feature requires you to have service pack 2 install to even download the Netflix Movie Player, you might be getting this error when you try and play a movie.

System Compatibility

Usually this only happens for people who have Internet Explorer 6 installed. One of the solutions to this problem is to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 and it should solve this issue. If for some reason, you do not want to install Internet Explorer 7, you may add a token into the registry to bypass this error.  

Please be aware that you may serious break your install of XP by altering the registry. I do not take any responsibility if you end up having to reinstall Windows by doing this registry hack.

 1.) Open up the registry editor by going to Run, then typing in regedit and click ok


2.) Follow the following path in the directory tree on the left





Current Version

Internet Settings


User Agent

Post Platform

3.) Right click on Post Platform and select New, then String Value


4.) You should then have the following entry made into your registry


5.) Over write New Value #1 and enter SV1


6.) You can then close your the Registry Editor. Restart your browser if you have it open.

You now should have a working user agent string that is telling Netflix that you have service pack 2 install.


6 Responses to “Netflix Instant Viewing System Compatibility Error”

  1. 1 Matt

    This worked perfectly – thanks!

  2. 2 Val

    I had been able to watch movies instantly on the netflix website, but today, I keep getting error message WMP error C00D11CC. I have called Netflix, they told me to call my Computer manufacturer. I called them. They had me try different things- WMP update, StandAlone installer…Nothing worked. I tryed reinstalling the Movie Viewer software, reinstalled DRM-Still isn’t working. Is this just a glitch with Vista? I am not sure what else to try!!

  3. 3 CB

    Fixed my problems as well.

  4. 4 Palmer

    Works. Thanks so much!

  5. I just purchased an LG BD370 player and have a Netflix account to stream movies through my Qwest DSL router via ethernet cable. I set several movies up in the Play Movies instantly Queu. Some in the queu will download and play on my TV (LG50p60sc) just fine, but several of them refuse to download to play. They will however, download and play on my PC. Of course, Netflix said it was an equipment issue, LG elctronics said it was a Netflix issue. Any thoughts?

  6. wow, awesome post, I was wondering the same thing. and found your site by yahoo, many userful stuff here, now i’m a bit clear. bookmarked and also signed up your rss. keep us updated.

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