Five Tips to Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly


Tip #1: Keep your operating system up to date.  It doesn’t hurt to go to Microsoft’s update site every once in a while.

Tip #2: If you are having problems with video or audio, you might want to take a look at your hardware drivers.  Make sure you have the latest drivers from the vendor’s site.  Hardware needs loving care also.

Tip #3: Anything involving the internet, remember that programs such Norton, Zone Alarm, EZ Trust, etc could effect your experience with things such as streaming video.  You might want to try disabling your internet security software if you are experiencing issues.    

 Tip #4: Only keep the programs you actually need running.  There is no point in having 15 billion applications open.  Remember to shut applications down once you have finished using them.

 Tip #5: Think of your computer as a car.  It needs a tuneup and maintenance every once in a while.  Uninstall unused programs, defrag your harddrive and maybe buy some hardware upgrades every once in a while.  Your computer from 1995 running Windows 95 probably doesn’t cut it anymore if you using it for something more then just typing in Notepad and you probably want something more robust.


One Response to “Five Tips to Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly”

  1. Good tips. They are basic but many people fail to do just that.

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