Netflix Instant Viewing Errors


When dealing with software, there are so many different situations that you can fall into just depending on your computer.  Every computer is different.  There are so many variables with a computer that not every user is going to have the same experience as the next.  Because of this, you will probably get some errors when using Netflix instant viewing feature.  Most likely if you are receiving an error, it is going to deal with one of three things.

The first error will probably deal with video or audio.  If you are experiencing an issue with the video or audio being off, you should first upgrade your hardware drivers.  This will most likely solve your problem.  One of the common error with instant viewing that can be solved by upgrading the drivers is C00D1197 or green screens.

 The next error you might see will probably be a DRM issue.  Netflix has provided some easy solutions to solving these types of issues.  If you are using Windows Media Player 9, please upgrade to Windows Media Player 11.   If you are using Windows Media Player 10 or 11, sometimes installing the Windows Media Player SDK runtime environment will solve your issues.  Netflix has provided the SDK runtime environment at the following location:

Download SDK Runtime Environment (Restart Computer After Installation)

If this solution does not work, you will need to reset your DRM component.  You can easily reset your DRM by using Netflix’s DRM Reset Utility.

Download DRM Reset Utility (Restart Computer After Running)

If you follow these steps, you should be able to solve any DRM related issues you may experience.  Here are some common DRM related error codes that you might run into: C00D11E2, C00D11B1, C00D11D0, C00D2748.  There are many error codes but those are some of the common ones.

The third type of error you might experience is one related to your internet connection.  Any Media Error you see from the Netflix instant viewing feature has to deal with your internet connection not working properly.  If you experiencing any Media Error, you first most want to disable any pop-up blockers, anti-viruses and firewall applications you may have running.  If this is already turned off or you do not have one, check your home network.  Your home network configuration may be interfering with the instant viewing feature.  Try directly connecting to your high speed internet modem.  Please remember that some modems are also routers.  Some of the Media Errors you might encounter are Media Error 3, Media Error 4, Media Error 1229, etc.

Following these suggestions, might save you a call into technical support.  Try them out and if you have any trouble with your instant viewing feature, post me a message and I can try to help you. 


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  1. 1 Marsha

    Hi, I was using Netflix watch now from day one, loved it, then around a week ago as I was waiting for my movie to come up, I received a Media 10 error. I called netflix–they said its an internet connection problem, called sbc, no problems on my dsl or land line, called netflix back and they suggested I switch internet providers. There has to be a fix for media 10 error. Please help! Also, I disabled my firewall, and pop-up blocker is disabled.
    Thank you!!

    • 2 Gene Kasper


      The stream from Netflex stopped working – it started loading then stop with an error message that two Netflex customer service people interrupted that I needed to upgrade drivers, uninstall silverlight and reinstall, switch cabling around . I did all of that plus more over 4 hours -nothing worked and Netflex continued to point fingers. Found this solution. SIMPLE

      In Windows 7 click on the speaker icon in the lower right task bar. You will probably get a message saying Windows detected a problem with an audio “enhancement” or update that might interfere with playback. You then have the option to disable the enhancement – do that – then Netflix will steam as well as other streaming playbacks.

      Why Netflix does not know about this very simple fix is beyond me – I can’t contact them to let them know.

  2. Are you using the SBC Yahoo Browser? If so, this may be your reason why you are getting the Media Error 10 now.

    Try the following if you do not know.

    1.) Go To Run in the Start Menu
    2.) Type IEXPLORE
    3.) Try using Netflix Watch Now and see if you are still getting the same error.

    You can also try making a new profile for Windows.

    Making a new profile in Windows:

    1.) Go to your control panel
    2.) Go to Users
    3.) Create a new account (make sure it is an administrator account
    4.) Logout and log into the new account.
    5.) Try using Netflix Watch Now

    I hope that helps. What you could also try is using Firefox with IE Tabs. That might help you with getting Netflix Watch Now to work again.

  3. What upgrades do I need so that the green screen (when trying to use full screen mode) will not come up?

  4. Try upgrading your video card drivers. That usually is the cause of the issue…well unless you have an on board graphic card. If you do, you might have to lower the video acceleration in Windows Media Player.

  5. 6 stebna

    After having several frustrated days trying to get the instant viewing to work and recieving many errors. I reset everything as per your post and still got a blank screen after a minute of instant viewing requiring alt f4 to kill the IE7 browser so i could see the desktop again. I discovered hitting the F5 key allowed me to finally see the movie in the player.

    Hitting the f5 key after the first load reloads the movie and then the screen did not go blank each time it started a movie. The blank screen i was getting was full monitor width not just the browser and displaying no distinguishing color. (multicolor static)

    WinXP, IE7, WinMplayer 11, ATI Cataylist 7.7 drivers, 2.1GHZ AMD, Radeon1950pro, FPD2485W Gateway HD Monitor

  6. 7 sean


    Hey thanks, the F5 trick worked for me too. The Full screen option doesn’t appear present though. IE zoom features seems to compensate a little for this at 200 %.

    Can’t wait for a firefox version.

  7. 8 MS

    If you get the C00D1197 error or flashing green or black screen while attempting to watch a movie with Netflix’s Instant Watching, first download your hardware’s latest drivers for video and audio, as well as installing Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) if you don’t already have it. The next step involves changing a few settings in WMP 11.

    First, launch WMP and bring up the Options menu by right-clicking anywhere outside of the media screen and clicking >Tools>Options…

    Second, click the Performance tab and click Advanced. Under Video Acceleration, make sure the “Use video mixing renderer” check box is clear. Click OK then OK again to exit and close WMP.

    Third, go to Netflix and try watching a movie. It should work now!

  8. 9 Westley

    I tried so many different things, but unchecking the “Use video mixing renderer” option in my WMD finally worked! Thanks for the advice!

  9. 10 Alex

    There may be an obvious solution, but the problem I am having is that I have my main hard drive partitioned into a C and D drive and while the D drive has a ton of space (30 free GB), my C drive has very, very little left. My C partition also happens to be my main one in which I keep Windows and all the other key components for my computer. Thus, when I downloaded Netflix’s movie playing software, it automtically installed itself on my C drive. Most movie work fine even with the limited amount of hard drive space. However, some of the longer ones need more free space and I get this message: “The Netflix Movie Viewer needs additional hard disk space to play movies. Delete unneeded files from your computer’s hard disk until you have at least 1 GB of free space.” I tried to move the program over to my D drive thinking it might then recognize that drive as the one to leave temp. files in while playing a movie, but to no avail. I even changed my web browser settings, so that temp. net files are now on the same drive (D). Again, to no avail. I see no way to tell Netflix that I want to use my D drive for temp files. Is there a way? Help! Thanks!

  10. 11 Shelly

    I just became a NetFlix member and I was attempting to watch a movie through Instant Viewing and I got the following error:

    WMPError (C00D1052) Windows Media Player Cannot play the protected file. The Player detected that the connection to your hardware might not be secure.

    NetFlix technical support tried resetting some of my settings and had me update my video drivers (they were only 2 months old) and it still did not resolve the issue. The technician said I might have the wrong cable connecting my monitor to my. Can you help? My error stumped the technician. My monitor works just fine with the cable that came from Gateway except with this streaming video from NetFlix.

  11. 12 Hocabsurdumst

    I’ve been using the Instant View option for a loooong time (since it came out, basically) and have always had issues with it. A certain percentage of movies load the sound fine but only show a black screen. The movies that will not work will never play, but most movies work fine. It hapened on my old machine and now it happens on my new laptop. I’ve tried most of the advice on this page at various times to no avail. Any ideas as to what my problem may be?

  12. Alex – You need to changed your system temp directory. You can find this under system properties => Advanced tab => Environment Variables. In there, edit the variable for TEMP to a folder on your D drive. You need at least 3 GB of free space to be able to watch a movie.

    Shelly – C00D1052 error means that you it is trying to send a digitally protected signal over an analog cable. This is either that your video card is reporting the incorrect information back to Netflix (probably why they told you to update your video card drivers) or you need to try a different cable. Try using a DVI cable to connect your computer to your TV or if you are, use a VGA cable. If neither of these two options work, you can try disabling the hardware acceleration.

    1. Click on Start > Control Panel.
    2. In the classic view, double click on the Display icon.
    3. Select the Settings tab and click on the Advanced button. The Advanced Settings dialog box appears.
    4. Click on the Troubleshoot tab.
    5. You can disable the hardware acceleration completely by dragging the slider to the extreme left of the scale. You can also choose to turn down the hardware acceleration by selecting an intermediate value.

    Hocabsurdumst – If you get a movie that can’t play correct but you hear sound, it could be a couple of things. Try lowering the hardware acceleration. It might help it. Also, try changing the resolution while you are playing a movie and see what it does. Something is throwing your video card off if it is only happening on some.

  13. 14 Tracy

    Thank you, MS! Your advice worked perfectly.

  14. 15 Jonny V

    I can never get this to work….I have the latest Windows Media Player, did everything right but still doesn’t work. I always get the Windows Media Player needs to upgrade, and when it connects to upgrade, the window say it could not be upgraded and freezed browser completely. I hate drm related products, I steer clear from them as much as possible, but this is something i am paying for, IT SHOULD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Does your browser freeze or error out when you try to do a windows update? Windows Media Player security upgrades use the same service as windows updates so the windows update service might just need to be restarted.

    To do this. Open up a command prompt and type: net stop wuauserv
    After that type: net start wuauserv

  16. 17 Craig

    I too am haveing problems with Netflix Movie Player. It works okay but I am trying to find a way to Install and operate it on my D drive. I tried to “save” it to my D drive rather than “run” it. That never worked! I also just used the “run” option, that never worked. I have my enviroments to save temp and tmp folders in D, but none the less, when I click “run” even after saving it to my D drive, it still installs in the C drive.
    Is there any way to install and run Netflix Movie Player to my D drive? I tried to move the file in C to D by cutting it and pasting it and that never worked ….of course I am a bit of a computer gimp so I assume I did something very wrong.

  17. 18 Jonny V

    Well low and behold I finally got it working…not sure what i did that worked…but tried the SDK Runtime environment, and the reset DRM utility, and turned off my Virus protection. It was one of those 3 that finally got it working. Or should i say was allowed to update the player. FINALLY…heh…too bad the selections for movies are not the greatest…but it looks like it’s getting better. Just noticed Planet Terror and Death Proof….

  18. 19 Jimmy

    I just joined Netflix, got the player installed ok, but it stops at the ‘determining video quality’ screen. Am running Vista ultimate on amd 3700+, ati x850, 1 gb ram, cable.

  19. 20 rebecca

    Ok so I have done everything everyone says on the whole green screen of death to a movie… updated driver installed the blah tried to reset the blah… it wont let me… changed my wmp thingy… Im so not computer literate… all i want is to watch a movie >.<!!!!! Someoen help me!

  20. 21 rebecca

    O abnd to top it off now that ive done all that When i even attempt to watch a move iexpolre SHUTS DWN and says its having an d error now >.< /cry!!!

  21. 22 Mackey

    Often when I hit “next” it will give me error 1217. I can watch the same episode over and over and over again but only sometimes can I hit next and get to the next episode. The program seems incapable of remembering which episode I’m on. How do I get it to remember?

    This happens on multiple computers. I can play shows and movies fine but hitting next sometimes causes errors.

  22. 23 Dara

    I’m so relieved that others are having the same problem as I am watching movies on Netflix. I’ve tried all the solutions posted here but I don’t think they work if you’re running WMP on Vista. HELP!!!!! It was so strange, the first time I attempted to watch a movie, it worked perfectly. Now, when I try it runs sound but there’s no picture. I have the lastest drivers on my video card, I ran all the SDK and DRM fixes. What I can’t do is find the options in WMP that were suggested. When I click on options, Performance, there is no Advanced button. What do I do???? I’m so frustrated. I waited on hold for Netflix support for 1 hour, no answer! ARGH.

  23. 24 ANDY

    I’ve don’t who you are (smashedlife) but thank you so much I was simply searching for a solution to this netflix problem and the handy link to SDK runtime fixed it! I just wanted to thank you !

  24. 25 Rahul

    Thanks so much for your suggestion on the SDK. That’s what finally did it for me. Without your posting, I would have been stuck without the show I’ve been wanting to watch for a while now.

  25. 26 Jim from Alex

    I just started using Netflix Instant Watch. After downloading all the required IE7, WMP 11,
    NetFlix Player etc., testing my broadband/Cox cable – got “good”/second bar, tried an old sci-fi: started quickly but the video is very “jerky” – seems to be loading a cache/drive for awhile then smooths out for about 30 seconds, then begins the jerky viewing again while I note the cable modem downloading. Makes for less than tolerable viewing. I have 2mhz processor, 1gb ram, 22gb harddrive available.
    What very obvious thing am I overlooking??? I think I will go searching for the “hardware accelerator” thing – sounds like a maybe.’

  26. 27 Jim from Alex

    Well, the decreasing of the hardware accelerator had no beneficial effect. I tried viewing the same film and it was still “jerky”. Actually worse than jerky, more like viewing a series of stills – with a noticeable (couple of seconds) wait between stills. Any ideas anyone?

    • 28 helixtwin

      my viewer has a similar problem but not quite the same. i can watch some of the movie then it stops and i get a message that reads my internet connection has slowed and then it starts buffering and another message says that it is fixing the problem so i have no more interruptions, but guess what? it does it over and over making watching a 2 hour movie a 5 hour process, but sometimes it plays with no problems. any one know what i can do? i have broadband

  27. 29 Criss

    I using Netflix Viewer in Netscape but I can’t in IEXPLORER….(because this “famous error” WMPError(C00D1197)) somebody can tell me why ????…Please….(before my wife make crazy telling me and telling me again “honey I don’t like Netscape!!!!”)

  28. 30 Scott

    I had enjoyed many a “Instant” Netflix movie on the computer I have hooked up to my TV (via VGA). Recently I went to watch a instant movie and I got the error C00D11E2. In the time between the last successful viewing I had added more memory to my computer and updated the BIOS. I also increased the amount of memory reserved for the video card in BIOS. This ultimately was not the problem (although for some reason I spent a lot of time fussing with this thinking it was). I tried running the DRM reset utility with no luck. The other thing that I realized that I did was to apply some global file security attributes to my system (Everyone + Read-Execute). I had also added “Everyone” to the Guests user group (Windows XP, not in a domain). This caused a lot of problems. One of the other problems I noticed (besides the C00D11E2) was that Windows Update was no longer working (it was complaining about my browser’s user data persistence setting, which was set correctly). To get it to work correctly again I: removed “Everyone” from the Guests user group, applied Everyone + Full Control to most of the system, renamed the DRM directory under “All Users” (so that a new DRM directory would be created), ran the DRM reset utility and rebooted. At this point it started working again. I have no idea if all of those thing were necessary or if I will end up causing more problems later on. Certainly the initial file security changes I made reeked havoc on the system and was a bad idea. In my case I don’t have any other licensed media on that computer (music, etc.) so I was not worried about disrupting the DRM directory. At least now I can watch on demand movies again.

  29. 31 Steve

    Was getting C00D11E2 error when attempting to view movie.

    I have a partitioned drive so my documents and settings are on my d drive.

    had to do the following to get netflix instant view to work,

    Create this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM

    Then go to in IE 7 and hit Upgrade, this should dump some files in that folder.

    That fixed the issue!(3 hours on the phone with Netflix…. figured it out myself..)

    Hope that helps someone….

  30. so i was having issues watching movies using Instant Viewing for the last week. I called up Tech Support and walked me through DRM Reset but that wouldn’t work either; even if I created a new XP account. He suggested that there might be a policies issue and that I should talk to Microsoft.

    So after trying the above suggestions (which failed), I decided to go into Windows Safe Mode, logged in as the Admin and used the DRM Reset tool and it worked this time. Then I restarted and went back to IE to try again and viola all is right in the world.

    To access Windows Safe Mode, hit F8 on your keyboard when it is booting up. I used the regular Safe Mode.

    Hope that helps!!!

  31. 33 Nick

    “Any Media Error you see from the Netflix instant viewing feature has to deal with your internet connection not working properly”

    I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true. I get the following message if I attempt to skip ahead to the next episode of a television show (any show) before the end of the current episode. This doesn’t always happen, but more often than not, it does.

    There is absolutely no internet connection problem at all when this happens.

    Now, if the episode has finished downloading, I can run the slider all the way to the end, then click ‘Next’, and I get the next episode without a problem. This seems to me to be something with either DRM or netflix refusing to let me skip an episode.


    Server Connection Error
    Make sure your computer has a live connection to the Internet and that security software is not blocking the Netflix Movie Viewer’s access. If you have an active, unblocked connection, close all browser windows, then try to play a movie again.

    For further information, see our Internet and Server Connection Error FAQ. If the problem persists, or you would like assistance, please contact Netflix technical support and report the following error code(s):


  32. 34 bxc

    I was getting WMPError(C00D1197) and after reseting DRM the problem was resolved. Thank you so much.

  33. 35 awesomerrr

    I search every forum, reinstalled video drivers, reset drm, changed drm folder, uninstalled and reinstalled WMP, windows media runtime, netflix movie player,microsoft user-mode driver framework, and changed all kinds of options in WMP….finally unchecking the “Use video mixing renderer” in WMP worked! THANK YOU MS!

  34. 36 Talmadge

    Here is a Netflix problem that I can’t seem to find anyone else that has experienced this problem. I have a Netflix account that lets me view movies instantly. I loaded their software on my laptop, worked great. That was in my home-office. A few days later I loaded their software on our home computer that my wife and I share in the house. I loaded the software on both of our accounts so we can both watch movies in the house. This also worked great. Last week I had a problem with my laptop that I use for my CAD program. So I ended up sending it back to HP to be rebuilt. I went and bought a new 64-bit Vista system, top of the line and all souped-up. I loaded Netflix’s software on the new system and it worked great. Last week I had a problem with the new system and had to “repair” windows during an installation of QuickBooks with the Intuit support guy on the phone. Today I try to watch a movie and get an “Instant Viewing Message” that says that my account has been used on four different machines and I am out of installations. So I call Netflix tech support, the guy says that Netflix customers are limited to using only four machines or identies per year and it resets in January. Since I repaired Windows it reset the registry and I am out of installtions. My laptop is gone and will be wiped by HP so that is one use gone, I have reset my registry on the new machine, that’s two gone. So I am down to watching movies only on my account or my wife’s acount on the house computer. Netflix says that they can do a one time reset and I should wait until HP returns my laptop and that I should never clean the registry on any of my systems or it will take away my ability to view on that machine. The guy said the that is part of the agreement with the movie studios in order for Netflix to make movies available for instant viewing. Does anyone have another fix for this problem?

  35. 37 Alistair Windsor

    This is a reply to Nick. I have the same problem with the Next button. If you click on the series name below the media player you are taken to a screen with play buttons for the individual episodes. Accessing an episode from this screen never gives me the MediaError(1217) problem.

  36. Talmadge take a look at the max device limit article.

  37. 39 Jacob

    Hey man, it is awesome that you take the time to respond to people’s problems…. But I have yet to see a solution that will fix my issue.

    On my laptop, I can watch Instant View movies just fine (running Vista).. However, on my desktop (primary computer) I am having some major issues…
    1) I am running XP and I have EVERY update through WIndows installed so everything is current…. I installed the player and I click “Play” on a movie; all i want
    2) The screen comes up, checks quality, then goes black and, about 15 seconds later the movie begins…
    3) The movie plays for about 5 seconds, both audio and video… Then the video will keep playing but the audio will stop… Meanwhile, the processor usage is at 100%… The computer tries locking up.. I have to wait about 20 seconds and the computer unlocks, plays a few seconds of the movie, and then locks up again… So I have to shutdown IE in order to use the computer again….

    I am running a 3mbps connection and have NO ISSUES using the laptop (same connection).. Firewall is off, antivirus is off… I have no other issues with any other sites (youtube, etc)… I am paying for this service so it would be nice to be able to use it on my primary computer…

    If you could help, I’d appreciate it.


    Jacob White

  38. hey, i use IE7 on xp. I am the admin for the laptop. Did run the DRM utility and also did the settings in WMP. My hardware drivers are up to date.
    The problem is —-> when i open a movie for instant viewing (the movie displays properly), and click on FULLSCREEN, the IE7 browser shuts down on its own.
    Wonder what other setting I need to do. Anyone has any idea?


  39. 41 Robert

    I’m new to the forum so this information may have already been noted. Briefly, I had a computer at work on a network server which I had downloaded the Netflix Movie Player. It worked fine for about four months until I started getting the Media Error 1200. I called Netflix Tech Support and the rep helped me for about 20 minutes until we both determined we could not resolve the problem. It was strange because I had the Movie Player downloaded on another computer in the same room on the same network and I had no problems with playback. I tried everything possible to get the Player back to working status including deleteing every file having to do with Netflix then starting from scratch, but no luck. Finally today I decided to call Netflix again and explained to the rep about the Player working fine then all of a sudden receiving the 1200 error. I told him nothing had changed as far as the server, internet connection, or firewall. Before calling, I downloaded Internet Explore 7 (I was currently using IE 6). After a couple fix-its which didn’t work, the rep said he would try one last thing. He had me do the following:

    Go to > Internet Options
    Click > Advanced
    Click > Reset Internet Explorer Settings

    When I tried to play a movie, I was prompted to download the ActiveX feature in a small yellow toolbar. I clicked the toolbar and, low and behold, the Movie Player worked just fine.

    I hope this might help someone having the same problem…

  40. 42 MattG

    Because most of the major program-breaking changes in Vista revolve around user permissions, I tried launching IE in admin mode to see if that solved the problem. It did, but the idea of running IE in admin mode to work around this issue didn’t thrill me; it sounded like a great way to make IE vulnerable to problems all over again. Another solution was in order.

    I spent a fair amount of time on the phone with NetFlix’s technical support (who were actually quite good), and sent them detailed feedback about the issue, including the fact that admin-mode IE worked but a regularly launched instance of IE didn’t. In my case, Watch Instantly also worked when I logged in as a different user with non-admin credentials — which led me to believe there was some problem with Watch Instantly and SP1 that involved permissions of some kind that were profile-specific.

    After some more research, we got things to work perfectly again by resetting IE to the factory-default settings—which, my guess is, have been changed in SP1 and so need to be reapplied to get third-party plugins to behave properly. To do this, go to IE’s Tools / Internet Options / Advanced menu and click the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” button. You’ll want to back up your bookmarks before you do this, however, but after this I was able to run NetFlix in IE as-is, without launching it as admin or switching profiles.

  41. 43 Vic

    See the solution for WMP Error C00D1197 (Green Screen):
    Changing the WMP video acceleration settings worked for me.

  42. 44 Joe V

    Here’s a workaround for Mackey and others getting MediaError(1217) while trying to skip episodes of TV shows:

    Find the TV show on Netflix like you normally would. Instead of clicking “Play” (under the picture of the movie box or poster), click “Add to Instant Queue.” Then view your Instant Queue, then click on the movie you just added. You’ll be presented with a slightly different page. In the “At a Glance” box is an episode list; click the “Play” button next to the episode you want.

  43. 45 russkiypenguin

    I’m getting a C00D11B1 error. I’m a unix admin of 15 years and have built around 10 XP gaming computers for myself over the years, so I am fairly XP literate.

    I’ve tried both of the tools you linked to and they didn’t fix it. Unchecking video rendering didn’t do it. Lowering hardware acceleration to intermediate or none didn’t fix it. I checked and my video drivers are the latest(just built the box and DLed new ones from ATI.) I’m running WMP11 and IE7 and am patched all the way up(even yesterdays patch tuesday releases.) I’ve also tried to reset my drm folder, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM, as Steve instructed above. Also tried disabled AV and reseting DRM in safe mode.
    Even re-installed windows media player via these instructions:

    Nothing works.

  44. 46 gunbunnysoulja



    I had the WMP Error C00D1197 (NOT GREEN SCREEN however) along with a video card error requiring newer drivers, even though I was up to date…

    Since my error was different from your error, this may help others also.

  45. 47 []

    For the OUT OF SPACE error:
    1. Close Internet Explorer
    2. Right click MY COMPUTER – ADVANCED TAB – ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES – Set BOTH Temp and TMP variables to a folder with more than 4gb of space.
    3. Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Netflix Movie Viewer (uninstall)
    4. Open Internet Explorer, Go to Netflix, and Play the Movie of your choice. It will prompt you to reinstall the player. Do so.

    That should work.

  46. 48 []

    Note: the player will still install on the folder that houses your operating system, but it will pick up the new temp variable that way. Worked here.

  47. 49 Todd

    Media Error 1229 on the Netflix Viewer was solved by going to the Internet Options, under the Advanced Tab, hit the Reset Internet Explorer Settings Button, close Internet Explorer and restart the movie

  48. 50 Excalibur212

    *** DRM SOLUTION **** Regarding C00D11B1 (the DRM error), everyone is focusing on the wrong thing! As soon as NetFlex tech support told me it was a PROFILE issue and that the only way to fix it was to create a new profile, I knew there had to be a better solution. A little googling revealed this simple fix:

    In Internet Explorer, click Tools – Internet Options – Advanced – Reset.

    Presto. No more DRM problems. Obviously it’s an IE issue. So much for NetFlix tech support and 1000’s of forums with all these convoluted steps. I figured this out on my own in about 10 minutes. I called NetFlix tech support to let them know. 😉

    Note: Make sure you back up your settings, bookmarks, toolbars, etc. first just in case. However, the only things you really lose of value are your cached URL’s & cookies (i.e. saved password, forms data, etc). If you use a password manager like RoboForm anyway (which you should be using), then you won’t even notice. You can even re-enable your disabled IE add-ins and plugins after this resets them simply by going to Tools – Manage Add-ons – Enable or Disable Add-ons. No need to even reinstall the apps! How’s that for a 10 second fix to something people have been blogging about for a year? You’re welcome. 😉

  49. 51 bloodshot54

    my problem is i am getting an error stating “your account is currently on hold. you need to reactivate your account before you can watch any movies instantly on your computer”but i signed up for netflix like a week ago and try reactivating my account with no luck error code it gives me 4001 any thoughts on how to fix this?

  50. 52 Ronno

    Thanks Robert…that was a problem I had..your solution fixed it

  51. 53 miklb

    answer #7 (MS) SPOT-ON thanks 4 making my viewing a pleasure !

  52. 54 CarolineC

    Great Forum with lots of quality advice. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find my particular problem. I recently “upgraded” motherboard (Gigabyte) and video to ATI Radeon 3600 HD and I finally got my Hauppauge DVR to work, but with NetFlix Watch Now I get sound and a black screen. I upgraded Windows Media Player and downloaded the wmf settings utility from Netflix – no good. I did plug in an old Stealth PCI video card and I do get Netflix Watch Now video – albeit not great to look at. I’ve upgraded my ATI drivers to past version 8.5 and messed with refresh rate and hardware acceleration – but no luck yet.
    Any ideas are appreciated – Thanks much!!

  53. 55 jaggu

    This is the first time i am using netflix instant viewing, while playing a movie, it is showing a MICROSOFT DRM SOFTWARE ERROR, and the detail of error shoeing is
    WMPError (C00D11B1).

    My system is Windows vista, tried to load latest Video driver, nvidia (6/9/08) and my audio driver is by sigmatel (dated 9/13/07). I have a dell 1nspiron 1420 laptop.

    I installed latest WMP 11 and sdk installer as posted in one of the mails. and also drm reset has been done from netflix folder.

    Pl suggest what has to be done to resolve the problem.


  54. 56 jaggu

    yes man…………it solved the problem
    just follow what caroline has said…………..
    thx so much

  55. To fix the green screen in XP, open WMP 11 options, goto the performance tab, click advanced, and uncheck “Use Video Mixing Renderer”

  56. 58 Brett

    I have done everything I have ever found on several forums about the Media 1229 error. I have reset IE7. I have turned off virus and firewall software. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the netflix player. I still get the error every time I try to play. I have the same problem with anything that is a move networks video (, etc.). The thing is, this used to work beautifully until one day it just stopped. Any other suggestions out there? I will call netflix, but man I hate sitting there while they go through everything I have already tried.

  57. 59 TFC

    I tried a number of the above but nothing worked. My symptom was IE always crashing. I found this solution on a different forum:

    I don’t know whether my fix will help or not. I just upgraded my motherboard and was encountering the same issue. Nothing else seemed to be working so I renamed my drm folder, closed IE, and then revisited the web site to upgrade the security component – it worked. I’m guessing that I’ve lost some rights to any licenses issued under the prior DRM files – guess I’ll find out soon.

    The steps I took:

    1) made the DRM file visible: (Start, my computer, tools, folder options, click “show hidden files” and uncheck “hide protected operating system files (recommended)”)

    2) found the DRM file under c:, documents and settings, all users.

    3) renamed “DRM” to “Backupdrm” by right clicking.

    After performing the above I went to the link noted in an earlier post:

  58. 60 Sam Lambie

    I just upgraded to Vista on my desktop. Pentium 4D 3.2 ghz processor, 2 g ram and 56 gigs left on hard drive. Net flix now shows only a basic connection with a 2 megabit pipe. And what is worse, it stops about every 3-5 minutes and has to buffer I think. The video just freezes and it takes a while before it starts again. I have a laptop that is running XP with a dual core processor and plenty of ram etc.. It runs with a good connection and no stalls at all.
    I have disabled defender and do not have any sort of anti virus installed. I haven’t gotten any sort of errors from windows or netflix. Help???!!!

  59. 61 Brett

    OK, it just got stranger. If I log on to my office VPN from home, I can then stream Netflix. But due to going around in circles, the speed and quality are very slow. What’s up with that?

  60. Don’t mean to plug my own site… but I do..
    Instant Watch Forums, for your troubleshooting needs


  61. 63 creality

    the most bizzare fix EVER!! I was getting green screen flashing for years on my lapotop (toshiba) – vaio desktop worked fine. (both prof. media XP sp2)

    Tried everything – upgrading IE, netscape with IE tab, upgrading WMPlayer, installing security updates, upgrading drivers, deleting DRM folders, reinstalling everything from scratch, changing WMPlayer settings – no really, EVERYTHING over the period of 2 years!!

    What fixed it? The only way I can watch movies in IE now (reporoduced few times, hope it doesn’t break) is to:
    1) open up netflix and innitiate LIVE STARZ channel – this plays the live feed using WMPlayer ( – click on ‘Live Starz Channel)
    2) Open up a new Tab and go to netflix instant watch page
    3) Go to the first tab and stop the live starz channel (navigate away from page or whatever)
    4) Go to second tab and click on PLAY for the movie I wanted to watch in the first play

    WOW. You have to have unlimited netflix account to watch starz, so I suppose it won’t work if you have a limited account. If I open up a new INSTANCE of IE (even with the old instance open already), then I get the green screen again and have to repeat the steps above with Tabs…

    Kind of makes sense, but kind of also proves the issue is NETFLIX viewer and NOT WMP, IE, or anything else.

    Good Luck!

  62. 64 NMoore

    WMPError (C00D11B1) still after trying everything in the article and posts here. I can get Netflix Instant View to work on my two Windows XP Home systems but not on my main Windows Vista comp.

    Vista Home Premium (64-BIT)
    Asus EAH4850 TOP (ATI HD4850 GPU)
    AMD 6000 CPU (Socket AM2)
    Asus M3A78-EM Mainboard

    Any new info or help would be appreciated.

    DRM hurts consumers and does nothing to stop the pirating of media.

  63. 65 IZZY

    this worked for me after trying everything else:

    First, launch WMP and bring up the Options menu by right-clicking anywhere outside of the media screen and clicking >Tools>Options…

    Second, click the Performance tab and click Advanced. Under Video Acceleration, make sure the “Use video mixing renderer” check box is clear. Click OK then OK again to exit and close WMP.

    Third, go to Netflix and try watching a movie. It should work now!

  64. 66 IZZY


  65. 69 Victor

    Thanks for providing the tips, this worked out great!

    On Netfix’s site, the only option today is to call tech support with this DRM/playback issue. I don’t really like calling tech support, because tech support is like a box of chocolates, “you never know what you’re going to get”.

    I run a Windows VM on my Mac using VM-Ware Fusion, I upgraded my Mac and the VM’s hardware needed to change. As a result of these different video drivers/video settings, Netflix movie viewing broke.

    I’m glad I don’t use Windows DRM other than for Netflix and I that could complete your steps above without risk.

    I can now watch Netflix movies again and your post was the key!

  66. 70 Chris Sears

    I ran into this same problem. Google around and tried all the suggestions. Nothing worked. I think it’s related to running 64-bit Vista.

    I called Netflix support and they were actually very friendly and helpful. They directed me to a page to opt-in to their Silverlight 2-based player beta program.

    I enabled it and it worked great. I’m streaming with no DRM problems.

    Not sure how long the page will be up, but you can try it here:

    Make sure you have Silverlight 2 installed. It’s available over at .

    Hope it helps someone out there.

    Also, thanks to Netflix support!

  67. 71 steve

    My problem is that my video freezes, whil the sound continues. What could cause this. I have a very powerfull computer, 3 gigs of ram, an amd athlon duel core mobile processor. Why am I getting freezing video

  68. 72 Tyler

    I’m having the same problem as Steve. I’m using a mac book pro, I have a perfectly fine connection, and yet every 10-15 seconds the movie’ll freeze up while the sound keeps going.

  69. 73 Alex

    Ok. I found solution. DRM in windows is related to HDCP. HDCP is a protocol that insure that you are using secure hardware (to prevent coping ). So run Cyber Link BD Adviser ( and check if video Connection Type is “Digital( with HDCP)”. If it is not, try to upgrade video drivers. Worked for me and my intel G33 hdmi with HDTV.

  70. 74 Toby

    Using Vista Ultimate 32bit with IE7 and WMP11

    Problem – I was getting a black screen with Netflix.

    Did the following:

    Updated Drivers – didn’t work
    Reset DRM – nope
    Windows SDK runtime update – nope

    Opened IE7, Tools > Internet Options > Security – unchecked Enable Protected Mode.


    Of course now I’ll have to worry about the Taliban invading my web browser but at least I can watch The Munsters on Netflix! It’s worth it.

  71. 75 Marky

    Re: #48

    You’re Da Man
    resetting IE worked to perfection.
    one more thing I might add: using “IE without add-ons” will not work either it’ll keep telling you to reinstall.
    To sum it up: if IE tells you to reinstall everytime you attempt to use Netflix Instant Viewer, you should open IE – Tools – Internet Options – Advanced – RESET – restart IE and you’re good to go, nothing more – nothing less.

  72. 76 Marky

    Kudos to Robert on this as well, haven’t noticed his post before.
    IE is reset to original settings so yeah, you’ll have to redo the active X.

  73. 77 Rizwan


    I was also having problems in playing Netlifx instant movies, I was getting Error Code 2105 for so many days.

    I was using IE, WMP 11 and Silverlight2. My problem solved when I switched to Mozilla Fire fox

  74. 78 Turk

    I use all current versions of firefox and silverlight. I have a netflix account and enjoy viewing instantly but I often receive the message “This title cannot be viewed at this time, please call netflix technical support….Errorcode 8156 4001

    Problem is, Netflix can’t help and neither can Silverlight and I can’t find anyone else with this problem.

    I get the error at random times, on random shows or movies but it happens almost every time. Sometimes once every hour, or like today, once every five minutes.

    • 79 Rachael

      Turk — What ISP are you using? I’m getting the same issue with and netflix is no help (say it must be a connectivity issue) but sonic can’t find anything wrong at all with my connection and I have no trouble with any other network services.

      • 80 Andy

        Also having this problem, although the last 4 numbers are not always the same. Simply refreshing the page works to fix it, temporarily. The problem is persistent and random, sometimes occurring several times while watching a movie, others once or twice or not at all.
        Very frustrating

    • 81 Gautham

      I am facing the same problem Error 8156 4001. When I called Netflix tech support, I was told that it was a network fluctuation problem. I have a TimeWarnerCable connection and have not faced this problem prior to the new Silverlight update. I have tried on Firefox, and Safari but get the same problem whenever I try to view anything. I can watch for a couple of minutes (one or two segments that get initially buffered) and then the error appears. This really spoils the “Watch instantly” experience.

      • 82 Joy

        Same problem here with 8156 4001. It’s pretty annoying. I’m also using Time Warner Cable and Firefox. Nobody I know who has netflix is having this problem.

  75. 83 speedy


    I have yet another problem:
    I can download movies fine, but the playback is too fast! I know everybody else is complaining about too slow…… So why do I get the Mickey Mouse voices?
    thanks for any help!

  76. 84 naz666

    I have been receiving Netflix Media Playback Error:
    8156 and 2210 together. I am running windows7 64bit beta- build 7000. So far it has only happened on about 4 episodes in this series im watching. It happens every 15-20 seconds, making it impossible to watch. My roommate and i watch a ton of stuff on netflix and have never had this issue.
    I PROPOSE A TEST to see if it is NETFLIX or our PC’S.
    Right now im getting errors on “Ghost in the shell stand alone complex 2nd gig” someone check out episode 22 – “Reversal” and tell me if you get errors.

  77. 85 naz666

    just an addon to that….i have tried everything in the above posts….drm reset / sdk pack / reset IE / protected mode off / added netflix to trusted sites. I work in the IT field and feel pretty confident the problem lies with netflix and their crappy service.

  78. 86 Mark

    I am running NetFlix on a Vista Ultimate 64 Bit computer. Under Internet Explorer 7 the NetFlix instant play worked just fine. However, when I upgraded to IE 8 it stopped working, giving me “ErrorCode: 2105” every time. I’ve reverted to IE 7, installed Mozilla and every other browser but still can’t get it to work again. Unfortunately, some recent MS update also got rid of my older restore points, so I can’t go back. Does anyone know how to fix this!?!

  79. 87 Marc G

    I’m getting the same errors as naz666. The 8156 and 2210 errors together. I too am watching Standalone Complex so it could be those video stream files cuz I too watch lots of streaming stuff on Netflix and have never received these errors before watching this series where I have received them numerous times. I’m running different machine from commenter naz666 so it probably not configuration considering I too watch lots of streaming Netflix and have had no errors up til now.

    I run Windows XP 32bit/IE 8/Silverlight.

    Have had no problems with other Netflix streaming movies.

  80. 88 Jay

    I’ve watched a ton of “play it now” movies and shows on Netflix with no problems, and I repeatedly get 8156 2210 error on episode 2 / Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig. reading other posters having problems with the same series, it seems like it’s them; however, I fully expect to get an “it’s not us, it’s you” response from them.

  81. 89 Mark

    UPDATE…Fixed it! On my erlier post, I mentioned that I was getting the message “ErrorCode: 2105” when trying to use the NetFlix instant viewer after installing IE8. What worked for me was to go to the Microsoft Silverlight 3 site and downloaded and installed the Beta runtime. Once I did that, it worked like a charm.

  82. 90 Arjun

    My issue did not have an error message. I would play any movie as I would normally (click the blue “Play” button).

    Netflix would load up with their red screen, determine my video quality to be high, and then begin playing. I would hear the audio but only see a black screen.

    I could see the very edges of the video screen flickering (it looks as if a black screen is covering the video).

    I finally resolved the issue as follows: (note: I have Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate Edition – your edition shouldn’t matter, however)

    I went on to my computer,
    1.) pressed Start->Run (well, on Vista just hold down the WINDOWS key + R).
    2.) In the Run menu, type “appwiz.cpl” (without the quotation marks) and press enter
    3.) the list of programs on your computer will show up. Give it a while to populate the list, and then look for the “Netflix Movie Player” (or something to that effect). Select it, and then click the Uninstall button in that window. Uninstall the program.

    4.) Now go back to the Netflix, click “Play” on a watch instantly video, and you should eventually be directed to a page telling you to install their video player (since you just installed it!). Make sure that they are now asking you to install MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT (at least version 2.0). They used to ask you to install their netflix player, but they’ve changed it to Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. If the window says “Microsoft Silverlight” on it, the install it and it should work fine. If not, install it yourself from Microsoft’s website, such as here:

    5.) That should be it! Your video should pay back fine.

    I hope this helps someone out there!

  83. 91 Mark

    I had a similar problem and installed the latest beta version of Microsoft Silverlight and that fixed it.

  84. 92 Tami

    I’m running vista 64 and have silverlight 3 installed but have no sound to any of the videos. If I try it on my desktop I have no problems but I can’t get the sound to play at all on my laptop. I have just subscribed again after not having it over the summer and last spring it worked fine. Can anyone help? Thank you!

  85. I had a tough time trying to find the a plasma hdtv but I finally found it and bought it online from

  86. I am having an issue that I don’t see anyone else having. I recently reinstalled on my Dell laptop running xp sp3 and now when I try to watch instantly it determines video quality and buffers and then doesn’t play the video. The video continues to download but never starts playing. I have Silverlight 3 and WMP 11 installed. Any help is appreciated.

  87. 95 Lance

    I am getting the error code 8156-4001 in my new Dell htpc(windows 7 64-bit). It worked fine for 2 weeks. I tried loading and reloading the media device on Netflix and reinstalling Silverlight a multitude of times. Hours wasted trying to figure out what is going on. Nothing. I sat there thinking??? I took my old pc out of the box and plugged it in. It’s running wireless while the Dell is a direct connection(Bresnan running at 15mb download,1mb upload, ping 10-80 on good days). Guess what happened??? My old pc(windows xp pro) running wireless fired up and played a movie. WTF. I’m going ot restore my new pc to an earlier time to see if it fixes it. I might reinstall the operating system and start fresh. I’ll get back to everyone when I’m done.

    • I’m having the same problem with error N8156-4001 on my Windows 7 64-bit machine, and I kind of doubt a restore will help. It seems to be an incompatibility issue with Windows 7 64-bit, and personally it’s driving me crazy(er). I sure hope they fix it soon.

      • 97 James T Thomas

        I have a2 year old MacBook Pro laptop that played them fine at first but know gets the N8156-4001 often. I have akso experienced internet connection issues lately. I think the problem relates to the conditin of your network. I have noticed when the buffering % on the red tool bar does not make it to 100% I get the error. The connection is to slow to effectively stream at that point. This problem started for me when my internet connection (cable) began havin g problems. Hope this sheds some light for someone.

  88. 98 Lance

    Well. I said I’d get back. I ended up reinstalling windows 7, ati catalyst, and avast antivirus. Since it was a new computer, the only other thing I had loaded was Left for Dead 2, everything else was stock. I haven’t made any fine adjustments to my user preferences or deleted any programs I don’t use. I’m afraid too. Why? Netflix loaded up the same movie I was running on my old system instantaneuosly(after installing silverlight 3 of course). I know it sucks to have to reinstall an operating system, but, it seems to have worked for me. I don’t know how long….we’ll have to see. Hope this helps some people. I know I had a hard time finding an answer for my problem. Maybe this can be a fix for some of you that are self-taught pc users like me. reloading the OS has always been a failsafe for me. Hope it works for some of you. I’ll post again if Netflix stops working.

  89. I also had the 8156-4001 issue on vista ultimate x64 and windows 7 x64. I ended up resolving the issue (so far) by installing Silverlight 3. It seems ridiculous that there are posts on this website as far back as March 09 talking about this issue and neither Netflix or Microsoft has released anything on how to fix this issue. A “network fluctuation” is not a suitable answer for me. I love Netflix and have been using it for about 2.5yrs and this is the first real issue that I have had. The lack of communication on their part just reflects poorly on their organizations for me. On a site note, Windows 7 it didn’t even recognize the Silverlight install file extension and neither did the microsoft web service that is supposed to tell me what program uses that extension.

  90. Nice post, keep up the excellent posts and I will keep visiting 🙂

  91. 101 pearl

    ive tried everything and i am still unable to instantly watch movies on Netflix. When i run the program on FF3 it crashes and i get this report:
    BuildID: 20100115144158
    CrashTime: 1265494102
    EMCheckCompatibility: True
    FramePoisonBase: 00000000f0de0000
    framepoisonsize: 65536
    InstallTime: 1265343440
    ProductName: Firefox
    Theme: classic/1.0
    throttleable: 1
    vendor: Mozilla
    version: 3.6

    please help! i have also tried to run it on IE8 but it does not load. Watch instantly crashes and the window restarts.

  92. I had this problem with Win7 x64 and Silverlight 3. I called Netflix support and they said that error could be either an audio or network error but they couldn’t tell which. After spending about 20 minutes following useless suggestions, I got transferred to another guy who asked exactly what point I get that error, and when I said it was always right after “acquiring content license” he asked if I had any debugging software installed on this computer. Why, yes I do. He had me disable the kernel debugger using bcdedit, reboot, and now Watch Instantly works fine.

    This variant of the problem probably won’t apply to that many people, but if you do use your computer for kernel debugging, note this — evidently the Netflix/Silverlight DRM doesn’t want to be debugged, and will refuse to run (with this really ambiguous/useless error code) if it detects the kernel debugger.

  93. 103 Mamur Ahmed

    Hi I’m kind of new to the Netflix community and have been having some serious problems with the “Watch Instantly” feature. I was prompted to download/install Windows Silverlight so I did so. However, the program runs smoothly at but whenever I try to watch any movie or television series I receive an error (N8007 – update storage application). The only thing is that I can’t access the Silverlight program at all. Even if i try to run it as administrator. I’ve tried everything from updating drivers, downloading the SDK runtime environment, restarting the laptop, and switching browsers. Someone please help!!!

    BTW, I am running on Windows Vista Home Basic, 2GB of RAM, 32-bit operating system, and 2GHz processor laptop on 54 Mbps.

  94. I had been woundering in case you got more resources about the matter

  95. 105 Mamur Ahmed

    I have actually found a solution to this mess last night. I still don’t know what the problem was but the solution was that I needed to make a new windows account with administrator privileges and use Mozilla Firefox to use the Netflix Instant Watch feature.

    Hope this helps someone!!!
    Btw this was for the N8007 error

    I found the solution here:

  96. 106 Craig Saxon

    .I recently purchased a BDP1590 Bluray player. I used Ethernet adapters to connect my wireless router to the player so that I can watch Netflix instant movies on my TV downstairs. The first day everything was great. We watched a movie w/o problems. The next day when I tried to watch an instant movie, a message came on the screen that read, “Cannot connect to your home network.” I have talked to Netflix, Samsung, and my server (Verizon Fios). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. C. Saxon

  97. 107 Guy

    I am having problems when trying to watch instantly. It says that their system detects that my computer location is outside of the 50 united states but I’m not. How can i correct this problem?

  98. 108 BODHi27

    N8007 Error code here.

    I’m on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit here, started having problems after installing Silverlight Ver. 4 from Netflix. Tried a few of the fixes posted and nothing. So I uninstalled it, re-traced my steps. What was it that I did different a few days ago that I had no problems.

    I narrowed it down to when I did a clean Win7 install on a new hard drive. This time I installed Silverlight Ver. 4 directly from Netflix. On my old hard drive I had downloaded and installed Silverlight Ver. 3 from

    So I downloaded Version 3 again from, installed, and things working again.

    Hope that helps someone.

    • 109 Mamur Ahmed

      Another solution that i found for the N8007 problem is to just make a new User Account on windows. I honestly don’t know why it works but it just does on the new User Account. Of course you’ll probably just use that account to watch Netflix so just install the bare essentials (ie. Firefox, Flash Player, and Silverlight) and also make sure the new User has Administrator privileges. Hope this helps someone too. =]

  99. 110 Not_a_noob

    Everyone should know this:

    They WILL give you the PR spin and stick solidly to it, but the truth is that this just changed:

    You cannot watch movies online if you are in private browsing. This is a NEW CHANGE. Netflix must be able to identify your computer uniquely, track it, and record it forever.

    They will say something about DRM and illegal pirating, but since you have to be logged in to your account, they could check for multiple instances, etc. so their “reason” is false.

    I asked for more detail but they “couldn’t explain it”. I also suggested that rather than giving a false runaround, simply state explicitly YOU CANNOT WATCH MOVIES IN PRIVATE BROWSING MODE but they said “due to blah blah blah and blah blah blah users wouldn’t feel comfortable blah blah blah”.

    They’re solution was like this: rather than give the user a simple and clear two-step fix, give them an incomplete 5 step process that doesn’t really work.

    In reality, whether in private browsing or not, you could run screen capture software, so they’re reason is false. False false false.

    Said the web and application developer who actually knows the truth.

  100. 111 jorden

    Player Error
    ErrorCode: 2105

    We could not load the movie player. Please visit our help page for more details.

    I can;t watch a single movie on instant view. This happened after I did a system restore. I scrolled through the messages but havent seen 2105 yet. Any suggestions? Thanks! (im on windows vista)

    Thanks in advance

  101. 112 Beverly

    I can watch movies on my Dell laptop, but in the middle, it stops and says my internet has slowed down, takes 15 minutes to redownload and then starts where it left off.
    I have my own high-speed internet tower on my house with a private co. and it NEVER slows down. I think the problem is with Netflix. Any ideas?


  102. 113 Bee

    Help! I just got Netflix yesterday. Everything was working great until today when I got error 2105. I suppose my player cannot be loaded. I have not changed a single setting on my computer. The only thing I did was restart it. I am already using Firefox. What do I do?

  103. 114 Alan

    FYI, the Silverlight program netflix requires accesses webcams attached to your computer. Might there be pedophile hackers ogling your kids in their bedrooms right now?

  104. 115 Mack

    Recently downloaded silverlight on my macbook pro when I signed up for netflix. In the middle of a show/movie it will freeze and I will receive error 2105. The only way for the player to work is to uninstall and install only for it to freeze 10-20 minutes later. Anyone know how I can fix this?

  105. 116 Gayle

    I was in the middle of watching a tv show on instant play, when it stopped suddenly and the ‘multiple play error’ (error code: N8009) showed up. I’m the only one who uses this account and I only watch it on one computer. I checked the movies and shows watched, and the only ones there are mine. Does anyone know what’s up?

  106. 117 John

    New Toshiba Laptop..haven’t downloaded the viewer..try to by selecting an instant movie and get black scrren..any ideas?

  107. 118 Arial

    I’ve been watching my netflix videos now for two weeks and everything was fine untill now, Everytime I try to play it says acquiring content liscenes or nothing happens, a black screen just comes up. What should I do?

  108. Try updating your Java it worked for me may work for you.

  109. when i try to stream a movie on netflix the player just says setting up movie player and never loads the movie. no error codes. i have windows 7 x64. same issue on firefox or ie8. ive un and reinstalled silverlight-my laptop with xp streams movies fine on the same network-any ideas?

  110. 121 jesiah

    Regarding error n8007 , the Netflix one where Silverlight wants you to Update Application Storage, the instant watch unwatchable.
    On my computer it wouldn’t even let me select the tab without crashing.

    Best solution so far, in that it doesn’t require un/reinstalling anything, you can keep the newest version of Silverlight, and you don’t have to create a new User Account (ridiculously excessive!)
    …simply delete the corrupt file folder!
    Silverlight will rebuild the folder the next time you restart a Netflix instant watch video.

    First, you may have to enable Hidden Files and Folders.
    Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > Select: Show Hidden Files, Folders, and drives.
    Hit Apply.
    Leave this open if you want to switch things back to normal hidden mode after deleting the corrupted folder, otherwise, go ahead and close now.

    Next, delete the folder:

    That’s it!
    Reopen Netflix, click Play, and it will load normally!

  111. 122 john

    For error N8007, if you have Private Browsing on than one reason why Netflix wont work. After turning off private browsing, I was able to watch netflix again. To check if your private browsing is off or on go to 1. Menu Bar > Tools > Options > Privacy > Uncheck “Automatically start firefox in a private browsing session
    After doing this, you should be able to watch Netflix again.

  112. I have a new MacBook Pro and have no problem streaming Netflix when home. When I am at work, I get an error message:
    Internet connection problem Error code: N8212 An internet or home network connection problem is preventing playback. Please check your internet connection and try again.

    THis is very weird because I can stream from this laptop when I’m home, but not at work. ALthough, all the patients with laptops have no problem streaming Netflix. And I can Netflix to stream on my work desktop ????? Why not with my MacBook Pro? I am running Safari 5.0.4. Please help if you can. Thanks!

  113. А вы слышали про дикие вещи

  114. 125 c

    I had permanent private browsing turned on in Firefox. Unchecked that and the 8007 App Storage error went away.

  115. 126 Letty

    I have had Netflix for a while and have not had any problems til now I am unable to watch movie. It will start playing and then says loading but never loads up and then freezes I have been having problems with Netflix for like a month now. I have called and talked to them for them to tell me that its my internet connection that is stoping my netflix from loading. I don’t know what to do to fix this problem. So if there is anybody that can help me that would be grate.

    • 127 Tony B

      Hey, Letty – Netflix told me to go to Tools, then Privacy, then Advanced. Make sure your computer is accepting first party cookies. Click it if it isn’t. Then click the overright tab beneath it. Netflix frustrates the heck out of me, too…

  116. 128 samantha

    hey there, i have an apple ipad and everytime i press play on a movie it prepares the movie to play, then displays error code 105 and will not play the movie. there has never been a problem with my ipad and netflix until this incident. is there any suggestions to combat this problem??
    i dont understand what error code 105 means….HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  117. 129 Maria A. S.

    Am using Windows Vista Premium. I’ve been getting the ERROR CODE N8151. called Netflix and the advice was given to uninstall/re-install Microsoft Silverlight program which I did. I continued to play another movie but it keeps giving the the same DRM Error message. I was reading some of the responses here but i couldn’t find my specific error message. Am not very good with computers or programming and all that…is there a simple way i can fix this situation? please help my children are driving me crazy!! lol thankx for the help 🙂

  118. 130 Mackenzie W.

    My problem is that when I click on some movie (any movie, i think) it says:
    “Silverlight Application Storage Error
    Error Code N8010
    Internet Explorer’s InPrivate Browsing Mode is restricting Netflix from storing settings on your computer.
    To Turn private browsing off, close and reopen Internet Explorer.”
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