Bittorrent has released a movie, music and games download service using the popular P2P protocal.   You can purchase, rent or in some cases download media for free using any number of popular clients.  One of the plus sides of this service is that you can publish your own content.  On the downside, files are all Windows Media Format protected with Microsoft DRM.  I could not find any self help with DRM issues on the Bittorrent site but there is a page where you can email them for support

Article from Webware:


It’s fast. has big pipes. This morning, even on files that no one else was hosting (no one else in the swarm), I got 1MB/sec download speeds. An episode of Reno 911 downloaded in eight minutes. Speeds may improve as more users join the network. (Perceived speed could also go down if gets overloaded and there aren’t enough users sharing the load on the files you want.)

No more barely functioning torrents. If you pay for a file, you’ll get it at a reasonable speed.

BitTorrent downloads can be delivered to you using any BitTorrent client app. Partial to uTorrent? No problem. Now you can mix your legal and pirated downloads all together in one client!


Very limited device support. Files are all Windows Media format, using Windows Media DRM. Mac and Linux users are out of luck. So are iPod users.

Poorly organized store. Hard to browse series of TV shows. All the episodes from a particular network show up in a giant list. No easy way to buy a season or a series in one transaction.

Can’t use PayPal; credit cards only. How olde-tymey.

No Battlestar Galactica. The library is big, but it is not complete.

BitTorrent clients keep running once your download is done. You’re paying for the company to distribute its files, yet the price of BitTorrent content is the same as it is from other centralized distribution networks. Heavy uploaders should get a break.

Windows Media DRM sucks, and the BitTorrent license terms suck, too. Movies can only be rented, can only be viewed on one device, and time out after 30 days or 24 hours of viewing (whichever comes first). TV shows can only be authorized for two devices. You have to be online to authorize content for viewing.



One of the many questions people seem to have about Netflix’s instant viewing feature is about support for other browsers and operating systems.  There may not be a way to view instant viewing on a Mac yet (unless you run parallels  or bootcamp) but there is a way to use instant viewing in firefox.  Technically, it is just running Internet Explorer in a tab but at least you don’t have to open up a seperate window for IE. 

1.) Install IE tab for Firefox – Download Here

2.) In the Menu bar in Firefox, go to Tools, then IE Tab Options

IE Tab Options 1

3.) In Sites Filter, add the URL http://**

IE Tab Options 2

4.) Push Ok

Congratulation, you are now able to view Netflix’s instant viewing content through Firefox.  Anytime you go to the Netflix website, it will use the IE rendering engine to view the page. 

Using IE tabs to view instant viewing content is unsupported by Netflix.  Instant viewing is only supported with IE 6 or IE 7.