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If you are receiving a Silverlight Error 1001 when trying to play Netflix Watch Instantly titles, the cause of this error is that there are missing fonts on OS X. In particular, you are missing certain Arial and Verdana fonts. There are two solutions to be able to resolve this matter. The first being you […]

So over this weekend, I hit this error message stating that my account has been used to watch movies instantly from 4 different computers on my new PC plus an extremely scary message saying that to call to verify that my account is not being accessed by unauthorized parties. Thinking back to myself, I indeed have used […]

Netflix seems to be testing some new promotions. When I go to the Netflix site in Firefox, the site offers me unlimited hours for their watch instantly feature but if I use Internet Explorer to go there, it offers me the same regular plans of every dollar you spend, you get an hour of watching […]